Ph.D. Programs

History, Philosophy and Heritage of Science and Technology


The objectives of the PhD Programme in History, Philosophy and Heritage of Science and Technology are:

  1. Fostering a culture of science and technology, with a matrix that allows to understand the historical importance and influence of science and technology in European society; 
  2. Understand and contextualize the conjunctures in which technological innovation was promoted and has evolved into Portuguese society;
  3. Recognize and identify the scientific and technological heritage Portuguese being able to contextualize in space and time considering the history of science and technology in Portugal and the historical context in which they occur;
  4. Study, evaluate and disseminate, to ensure their conservation, scientific and technological heritage Portuguese 

Technology Assessment


The PhD Programme on Technology Assessment aims at training researchers and at creating expertise in the field of the relationship among innovation, economic growth and development. It focuses on methodologies and processes of analysis of innovation and technological development, as well as their impact in a general European/international context.



Since 2009/10 the Doctoral Program in Education has been developed in Association between three institutions: the Faculties of Science and Technology and Social and Human Sciences (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and the Insitute of Applied Psychology. Its overall objective is the training of researchers in the multidisciplinary scientific field of Education, being devoted to the advanced training of teachers of various levels of education and other professionals in education and training